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The ASPECT Group consciously and responsibly forms its environment. It is important to us that not only our employees but also our partners – suppliers and contractors – share our values because mutual understanding inspires and facilitates the path to a common goal. Each of us is not alone in the construction sector, so we feel it is our duty to maintain an atmosphere of trust and responsibility, contributing to its safety and profitability.

We place high demands on the procurement process because the quality of your materials and services directly affects the outcome of our work, and as a consequence, the reputation of all parties. That’s why we work so closely with our partners in constant direct communication; our faith in you is based on mutual transparency, ethical standards and guaranteed quality.

What is important and what guides us
In selecting our suppliers

we attach importance to a combination of functionality, optimal price, on-site availability and on-time delivery. But of particular importance is your commitment to the quality of your building materials, products and structures – compliance with national building codes and standards, project specifications, energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and certification of compliance with safety standards specified in regulations.

In selecting contractors

we rely on both the possession of the necessary approvals, licences, certificates and permits, as well as a proven track record of meeting deadlines and quality requirements in completed construction projects. Expertise and a good reputation are your credentials to join a network of like-minded people who will respect your work and value your contribution. Honesty in your work is the essence of our partnership for years to come.

We are open to working with you and are prepared to provide respect, integrity, effective feedback, prompt payment and long-term cooperation in engaging you on our prospective projects.

We, therefore, expect our contractors and suppliers to share our commitment to comply with all applicable national and international building regulations, labour laws, welfare and human rights, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and sustainable development.

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