General contracting

General contracting involves our full responsibility for compliance with the calendar plan and set budget while maintaining the stated quality.

This approach enables us to completely relieve our customers of the multitasking burden, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Management of Costs and Procurement

The construction business is always aimed at a long-term perspective, both for the customer and the contractor. For this reason, we develop for our customers the quality-retaining solutions which can cut construction costs today as well as operating costs in the future, including service, repair and other maintenance costs.

Knowing the business from the inside, we analyze the estimations of potential subcontractors and detect, at the early tender proposal stage, whether everything has fully been taken into account. In this way, we exclude cost growth, which can arise in the later stages of construction. ASPECT specialists provide customers with comprehensive support throughout the procurement process because they realize how important it is to be certain that nothing is left out. That is why the majority of our clients have been cooperating with us for years, entrusting their new projects to ASPECT Group.

To the Investor in Commercial Real Estate

A clear understanding of the payback period is a decisive argument for investment. It is our principle to be guided by the interests of the investor, taking into account even the priorities of future tenants of commercial real estate in our work on such projects.

We do not only find the best option in the tandem “design + construction”, but also understand the importance of meeting deadlines since the date of opening is the profit reference point for all stakeholders of the commercial property. Considerable experience in design, construction and reconstruction of supermarkets and shopping centers has allowed us to add consulting services for commercial real estate investors to our service portfolio.

General contracting.
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