Industrial flooring

ASPECT Group stood at the origins of industrial flooring production in Ukraine and confidently holds the leadership in this area today.

The narrow specialization of the company in the early period allowed us to become one of the top manufacturers in the country. In total, we have laid more than 1 million m2 of industrial floors.

Our floors are distinguished by their wear resistance, smooth surface and durability

This is achieved not only due to high-quality materials, but also the exact observance of technology. The choice of laying technology is influenced by the operating conditions of the floor and the purpose of the premises.

Flooring of any complexity and purpose

High-quality industrial flooring despite the seeming predictability of the technology is always a challenge because the specifics of the customer’s industry makes adjustments. We have expertise in laying industrial floors with extra strong special foundations and complex reinforcement for installation of large and extremely heavy machines, floors of large areas with a minimum height deviation of only a few millimeters, experience in dustless floor installation in compliance with the highest hygiene standards of pharmaceutical companies, as well as execution of all works without stopping the on-going production of the customer’s plants.

Installation of new / renovation of old flooring

The floor gets the most constant load at the industrial facility, in the long perspective requiring repair of the whole or the most worn-out sections. ASPECT’s experience and the full range of resources extends not only to the installation of new floors but also to the renovation of old ones – for all types of facilities and outdoor areas and under all conditions of the industry of use.

Laying or repairing floors without stopping of your production!
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