Occupational safety and health

The priority of the ASPECT Group management is to protect life and health of its employees and create appropriate, safe and harmless working conditions

These are the priority regulations for the employment of hired labour, which guarantee a safe and competitive business. In this way, company management minimises all possible, foreseeable and unforeseeable risks by ensuring that favourable and safe materials, mechanisms and technologies are used in everyday work. ISO 9001: 2015 certification clearly confirms this.

Compliance with all safety regulations by all parties is one of the most important conditions of our cooperation

The company’s health and safety policy is aimed at identifying the causes and factors that lead or may lead to the worsening of working conditions, and at further eliminating them, as well as at selecting priority areas to ensure the maximum possible improvement of health and safety conditions for employees in the shortest period and at the lowest possible cost. Management is open to suggestions from employees on the improvement of working conditions.

The information base for the development of occupational safety and health measures is formed by the legislative and regulatory acts on occupational safety, certification of workplaces, results of the examination of working conditions, inspections, prescriptions of supervision and control bodies for compliance with the occupational safety legislation. At business meetings, these issues are relevant and discussed with contractors, customers and project implementers.

Our employees receive regular occupational health and safety training and are provided with functional and high-quality personal protective equipment. The job descriptions and occupational safety instructions clearly state the functional responsibilities, rights and obligations of each manager and official.

The occupational safety department constantly monitors employee compliance with occupational safety requirements and internal work regulations to increase responsibility for compliance with occupational safety requirements. After all, success and safety depend directly on the responsibility of each employee – both at the construction site workplace and across the company as a whole. 

The development and approval of a comprehensive action plan to significantly improve working conditions – organisational, technical, hygiene, health and safety and social – is a clear example of the management of ASPECT Group paying close attention to the health and safety of all employees.

The main criteria of ASPECT Group's safety and health performance:
Daily adherence to Ukrainian legislation and international standards in occupational health and safety
Collaboration and cooperation with state authorities on occupational health and safety
Identification, analysis and prediction of hazards and risks, risk management in order to eliminate them completely, reduce to an acceptable level or control the impact of hazards to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, and emergencies
Continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management mechanism, systematic improvement of working conditions at each workplace
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