Code of Conductof ASPECT Group

PROFESSIONALISM, ETHICS AND SAFETY are key factors in our success.

This enables us to keep a balance of long-term value for our customers, employees, partners and society as a whole. These and other principles of conduct are summarised in the ASPECT Group Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the “Code”) – responsibility for the quality, fair competition, lawfulness, confidentiality, respect for human rights, non-discrimination, compliance with sustainable development principles and the like. They guide us every step of the way, establishing trust between all parties involved.

Ethical Standards of Conduct

The Code contains ethical behavioural standards which our employees and partners are expected to follow in all activities involving the ASPECT Group. We expect our employees and partners to share our values and conduct their activities in an ethical, legally and socially responsible manner. We believe that communicating the content of the Code to all involved employees from each party and complying with the principles of the Code is not only our task but also that of our partners.

We are convinced that it makes us clear to each other and is a guarantee of reliability in business, contributing to long-lasting and sustainable relationships with our employees and partners.

the Code
of Conduct
of ASPECT Group
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