and restoration

In addition to our proven experience in new construction, we have completed many challenging projects to expand the existing spaces for commercial and industrial facilities, as well as demolition and renovation works.

Whether we perform the work independently or on a subcontracting basis,

we oversee every detail to ensure that the project is implemented safely and in line with the customer’s goals.
New life of renovated buildings

Even in simultaneous execution with the customer’s on-going production or under the specific requirements of a particular industry, we ensure high-quality results through careful coordination of sequencing and scheduling of the various departments and machines.

We find complete solutions for increasing the usable space of industrial and production buildings, commercial and multifunctional buildings, warehouses and offices, and other construction sites – quickly, without setbacks or cost escalations during the construction phase.

Reconstruction of cultural heritage sites

ASPECT Group holds a license for restoration works and restores old architectural structures and historical monuments, reconstructing them according to clients’ orders to meet current social needs, carefully preserving the key elements of the structures.

Ethical attitude towards the preservation of the historic environment, accuracy, precision and competence in modern technologies are the characteristics of our specialists, therefore we perform our work so that future generations could use the structures of the old masters.

Updates of functionality. Retention of the essence.
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